A Week in Sydney Round Up

It’s been a month since I visited Sydney and I’ve neglected to write much about it. The trip was such a whirlwind that it’s been hard to gather my thoughts. In any case, here’s a round up of my best and worst experiences.

Most interesting local: I was in Sydney for less than 45 minutes when I spied this gentleman on a festive motorcycle. First thought? This place is awesome!

Favorite Pub: So I drank my share of pints in Sydney. Pub of choice? Lord Nelson’s Brewery for its atmosphere and lively clientele. I don’t understand how people go back to work though after drinking at lunch. But then again, this pub is also a hotel. How convenient is that?

Favorite Meal: I already wrote a post about my memorable Christmas dinner at the Sydney Shangri La Hotel. That meal was fantastic, but deep down I’m a meat and potato girl at heart. Meat pie with peas and mash. How can you not love this beautiful creation?

Least Favorite Meal: A fan of meat pies around the world, I was eager to try the Australian chain bakery Pie Face. I gave them two chances by ordering sweet and savory pies on different occasions, but felt disappointed with each.

Favorite fashion statement: I spied this peacock at the Featherdale Wildlife Park, and now I’m obsessed with the colorful feathers. I bought a tshirt adorned with peacock appliques online already. What about peacock feather stockings? There IS such a thing.

Worst fashion trend: While I respect the Santa hats on their own, combined with togas and hairy backs? Not so much. These gregarious guys were in line to board a rowdy Christmas Eve harbor beer cruise. And I do mean rowdy (as if you couldn’t tell).

Best Street Art: I love the recycled bicycle wheel rims in this sculpture, one of several eco-art projects on display in the city.

Best holiday event: My husband and I stumbled upon this light show. Unique images were projected onto the side of the cathedral accompanied by primal spiritual aboriginal music.

Best New Friends: I just could not stop feeding them…

Favorite Cute Moment: I was touched by this baby’s devotion to his mama, but in hindsight those baby legs are pretty long. It might be time for this little one to walk on his own…

Favorite View: The Sydney Harbor is gorgeous, but I’ll always choose nature in the end. The Three Sister Rock Formation in the Blue Mountains. Local legend states that way back three sisters from one tribe were in love with three brothers from a rival tribe. To protect the sisters during a fierce battle, a shaman changed them into rocks. But unfortunately, the shaman was killed before he could change them back into humans. The sisters live out eternity as a majestic rock formation.

Goofiest moment: Me, in a dramatic reenactment of being transformed into rock.

Favorite Sign: I snapped this at Bondi Beach on Christmas Day. Absolutely no martini drinking in a Santa hat in the ocean allowed!


12 thoughts on “A Week in Sydney Round Up

  1. The bike guy does look awesome! My least Favorite Meal would also be the meat pies, I tried them at many different locations but never liked them. One thing that I did like over there where the Tim tams chocolates 🙂

    • maryrichardson

      I really loved visiting there… I live on a tiny island now with ocean vistas everywhere (equally stunning) but I like land as far as the eye can see too…

  2. Is that a small Christmas tree on the back of that guy’s motorcycle? He looks very festive.

    I’ve read about the three sisters rock formation before, but I haven’t had a chance to see it yet. What a beautiful site that would be to see.

    I have to love that photo of the guy drinking and swimming in a santa hat. I think I’d take the hat off before jumping into the ocean.

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