5 Favorite Things

With all the upsetting news of earthquakes, tsunamis, and radiation for the past 10 days, I’ve been focusing on all the things I love about Okinawa. Here are some images of the past week that made me smile and appreciate this tiny island where I live.

Kitten’s Room Cafe

I described this cat cafe a few weeks ago, and yes, I visited there again. In fact, I’ve been 3 times…

Stuffed pepper with pesto and balsamic glaze

A local restaurant nearby us serves this delectable dish. So glad we randomly stumbled into it one night and sampled this tasty dish.

Ikebana Flower Show

I attended an Ikebana show this past weekend and was blown away by the flowers I saw there. These are definitely not your grandmother’s flower arrangements!

They were edgy, modern, and creative like the arrangement below. I love that suspended leaf hanging from an invisible thread.


Lunches with friends during the workweek. Oh, how I will miss these when I move back to the States



8 thoughts on “5 Favorite Things

  1. Arrgg…I know it must be hard to come back to the States after everything you have experienced over there. Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures…How’s that novel coming along, by the way? đŸ™‚

    • maryrichardson

      Dear Becca,
      Thanks! We’re looking forward to the new phase, but I’m getting so sad about leaving here. Oh, the novel… we abandoned it back in November when it got too painful to write anymore. Maybe I’ll pick it up on my own nezt November again!

  2. Such a devastating event for the wonderful people of Japan. It’s good to know that you are safe and are staying positive with all the things you know and love about Japan in light of the circumstances.

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