Food Lovin’ in March

Oh, I’ve been eating well this past week or so. Here’s a look…

One of my favorite neighborhood Italian restaurants. It’s family-owned and my husband and I love walking down the hill from our apartment to eat it. The servers are the sweetest high school girls and the food is all homemade.

One day, we drove to the northern end of the island just to pick mikan (tangerines).

What can I say? I love carbohydrates… and Japan does them so well!

We stopped at this lovely rustic traditional cafe one afternoon for coffee. We always see the most interesting places driving by, and I’m glad we took a chance. There are so many fantastic little surprises on this island.


7 thoughts on “Food Lovin’ in March

  1. Are those cute little bunny cookies? I think they need to be nibbled just because they’re adorable. The rest of the pastries look awesome. I never knew Japan was so big on baked goods.

  2. It all looks so beautiful. Since I was with my parents when I visited Japan, they insisted on eating Indian food. It was actually delicious both times we tried it. Japanese precision, in cooking as in other things, is such a strength. xo bb

  3. jaimie

    Hi! I am a college student majoring in Writing and Asian Studies, and I have a HUGE passion for traveling. My only questions: How do you afford to travel? What kind of jobs to you do?

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