Cocktails Inspired By Art: Art on the Rocks

Ever had a drink that reminded you of a painting? Or better yet, looked at a sculpture and felt the need to knock one back?

I don’t know that I have.

But drinks and art apparently go hand in hand. I learned this at the Art on the Rocks event at the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Local mixologists were invited to create libations translated from a work of art in the museum.

Overall, there were 5 works of art and 5 imaginative drinks. Some of the drink/art pairings were very literal like this painting of summer fruit which inspired a tasty drink of peach, melon pulp, and a rim dipped in mascarpone cheese. I was so enthralled by the mascarpone that I didn’t catch the type of alcohol.

Then there was a neon green apple martini inspired by a gorgeous photograph of the Northern Lights. I love the vibrant color of this drink, and it reminded me of my number one all time favorite trip ever.

Another interesting drink was called “Smoke and Mirrors,”  which was an elaborate concoction of apple, pomegranate, vodka, and a spritz of smoky mezcal on the inside rim of the glass.

In the end, my favorite drink was not a drink at all. It was a dessert, sort of.

Behold the “White Russian Marshmallow” inspired by this abstract painting. The sweet treat was so delicious even if it did run down my arm and get into my camera.


8 thoughts on “Cocktails Inspired By Art: Art on the Rocks

  1. Wow! What a great idea…Combining food and drink with art? I love this post. This would be fun to put together as a party idea. Love the “Smoke and Mirrors” one.

  2. I love it! I can’t think of a cooler idea. Major aspects of culture mixed together, the only thing missing is music. And that white Russian marshmallow has my name all over it.

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