A Meal To Remember

This past weekend, my husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary with food. (What better way is there, really?)

We feasted at the Old Town Alexandria Restaurant Eve. A fan of Top Chef, I found it so fun to eat things that are “deconstructed” and “non-literal” and other descriptives they use on the show.

We opted for the 5 course tasting menu, and made our own selections for each one. But the kitchen also sent out complementary tiny palate teasers in between the main courses. The idea is to wake up your taste buds and get you ready for what’s coming next.

I loved this trio of miniature bites that came out first. The front one is a deviled quail egg with caviar, which I’d never choose on my own probably. But it was so little and cute and tasty.

After that came a scallop appetizer with the most buttery tasting ones I’ve ever had.

Then there was a spoonful of savory apple sorbet.

Hamachi Appetizer

Poached salmon floating in a yummy sauce with homemade balsamic vinegar spheres  (Yes, I said spheres- those little black balls!) 

Lobster Ravioli

Unfortunately at this point of the meal, they asked us to stop taking pictures with the flash (Oops! It does disturb the other patrons after all) So the following fuzzy pictures taken with low light just don’t show how fabulous these other courses were.

I tried panisse for the first time. It’s chickpea flour formed into shape and fried. In case you’re wondering where the meat course is, we also had braised venison (not pictured because it looked like a nasty brown lump in the photo)

Next came the cheese course. Pictured are a stinky goat cheese trio and gouda with apple sauce and granola.

The dessert was truly fabulous. This is a coffee and cardamom flavored cheesecake with orange syrup in one and caramel in the other.

It’s funny how you can move abroad and move back home and go on with your life as if nothing much really changed.

And then you have a moment that makes you realize that being an expat really did change how you experience the world. I realized at this meal that Japan taught me so much about how to enjoy food. I’m much more adventurous now.

This restaurant also serves a chef’s choice tasting menu for the truly adventurous. The way it works, the chef decides what YOU will eat and sends it to your table. There’s no such thing as asking for the salad dressing on the side or specifying how you want it cooked. Next time we eat here, I’m ordering that.

Are you an adventurous eater? What’s the most interesting food you’ve eaten lately?


12 thoughts on “A Meal To Remember

  1. You really are an adventerous eater! I have always loved all of your foodie posts. Happy Anniversary to you both, by the way!! May you have the best Lover’s year ever back in the States 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary! I think food should always play a part in a good celebration and this one sounds really good. All those courses sound dizzying, were you stuffed? I’m an adventurous eater on one level because I am compelled to try important foods from every country or culture I visit (Poutine? Poi?) despite whether it looks appealing. On the other hand, I am a picky eater since I don’t eat meat, shellfish or most things raw.

  3. Happy anniversary!

    The food looks divine. Anniversaries are one of the only times of the year where we allow ourselves to spend more than $100 on food and are always blown away. Foodies for life!

  4. Well, first off, Happy Anniversary to the both of you! And what a great way to celebrate it! I love this idea of trying a bit of everything. I used to think I was an adventurous eater but now I’m not so sure. I’m probably not as adventurous as I thought. Yesterday we were at my husband’s aunt’s house and we had donkey meat. I didn’t eat it but I ate the pasta sauce that was in it. They like to eat different types of meat here like horses, rabbits, etc. I am the basic unadventurous meat eater when it comes to that sort of thing. I don’t even eat lamb or sheep. Plus I always think of the animal’s face and it just doesn’t mesh for me. Just give me a steak and I’m good to go. :-)).

    I hope you’re enjoying your time back Mary!

  5. have a blissful married life ahead 🙂

    i have been an expat in singapore too and this has made me more adventurous with food as the local food is culturally diversed. you can find singaporean, chinese, malay, indonesian and indian foods.

  6. What a great meal. From somebody who lives in the Sw of France where good food is the norm this still takes my breath away. I love the control you have to take the photos before you start what is a very tempting dish. I look forward to your next article

  7. Just found your site..we love food too! though we are usually just a bit too greedy or famished to take pics of it..just walked out of a greek taverna where we had a feast…again no photos..will we ever learn..lol…keep up the good eating…;-)

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