ALT Latino: Seven Songs For A Stormy Day At The Beach

Today was such a rainy dreary day in Washington DC. It was one of those days I felt so blah that all I wanted to do was take a long nap.

Instead, I turned on one of my favorite music programs, ALT Latino, which showcases some of the coolest music coming out of Latin America. I’ve been a fan of Spanish pop music since I was an exchange student to Mexico in high school and discovered funny bands like Flans and Mecano. When I lived in San Antonio, Texas and San Diego, CA, there were awesome Spanish radio stations and clubs, playing all different genres. There is truly some amazing Spanish language music that never gets any attention in the US.

This week’s program was “Seven Songs for a Stormy Day At the Beach” and it was the perfect accent to the sound of rain falling on the rooftop. It also transported me back to Okinawa and all the lovely clouds overhead right before a tropical storm …

If you need a little pick me up or enjoy listening to music from other countries, check out the ALT Latino program. While most of the songs are Spanish, the show’s hosts offer commentary and translation in English.

Where do you find emerging alternative music?


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