New York City Love

I love how anything goes in NYC. I know there’s other dynamic cities in the world, but to me, NYC just feels special.

I recently visited, and I was reminded of all the stimulation and opportunity it offers. Walking the streets, it’s easy to be overcome by senses. The flash of neon, the melodies of different languages spoken, and the savory aroma of kabobs wafting from Halal food trucks. (Of course, there’s also the stench of sewage in some parts too, which I obviously do NOT love so much. But I guess, I can ignore the bad for the good, right?)

I also love how anything you could want or need is at your fingertips (or at least a metro ride away).

More to come about this fun trip, but in the meantime, here’s a few favorite shots.

NYC is hard for lots of people to swallow. Are you a NY lover or hater or somewhere in between?


7 thoughts on “New York City Love

  1. I’ve never been to NYC before, would like to one day. I love the picture of a cat behind the window. So cute !
    Anyway, I nominated your blog for a blog award games. I’d like to pass the award for you. Please check my blog to find out. Cheers 😀

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