On My Bookshelf

My reading shelf has an eclectic collection this week. I’ve already inhaled 3 and have 1 more to go before the weekend. Looking for book inspiration? Read on!

Visit from the Goon Squad- This novel examines how people’s lives ebb and flow through the years. Sometimes the pendulum of fortune swings high; at other times, it cuts us down to size. My absolute favorite line from the story- “time is a goon, man!”

I am the Cheese- A young adult novel written in the 1970s, this story takes us on a creepy bike road trip. A young boy sets off on a journey  to find his estranged father. Over a period of days, he pedals into small towns, eats at greasy diners, and sleeps at seedy hotels, or does he????

Country of Origin- I’m interested in stories about biracial or bicultural identity. In particular, this story focuses on a biracial Japanese American woman who is abandoned by her parents and then adopted by a family in another country. Set in Tokyo in the 1980s, this story is loaded with images of love hotels, salarymen, vending machines, and anime. If you’ve ever been to Japan, you know what I’m talking about!

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter– Okay, my husband picked this one up at the airport when he needed something to read. While it’s not my usual type of book, I can’t wait to read it! (And then watch the ridiculous movie version)

So, what are you reading these days? Leave your suggestions below!


7 thoughts on “On My Bookshelf

  1. tor4hershman

    I wonder if AL:VH could’ve been inspired by my
    “Everybody Loves Darwin The Vampire Slayer”
    comedy bit.
    Naaaaaaah, couldn’t be.

  2. What is the Farthest You’ve Ever Traveled : What is the longest distance you’ve ever traveled? Where did you go, who did you go with, and what did you do when you got there? What was the highlight of the trip?

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