Food, Glorious Food!

I read somewhere once that you can eat at a different restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Manhattan for four years straight and never eat at the same place twice. Truly, that tiny island has so much delicious food!

Because I’m a planner, I usually research eating options before I travel. Don’t get me wrong, I like spontaneity too and I don’t plan every meal! But with limited budget and time, I want to maximize the chance of getting good food AND a good value.

On my visit trip to NYC, there was plenty of good eating. Here’s a sampling…

Beef Short Rib street tacos and Seared Tuna from Hell’s Kitchen Progressive Mexican Cuisine.


Piping hot and crispy Belgian fries with curry ketchup and mayo from Pomme Frites in the East Village.

The fries were followed by some drinks to cut the salt around the corner at McSorley’s Old Alehouse. This place had so much character!

Another fun place was Lillies, a beautiful old fashioned style bar and restaurant. Check out the gorgeous interior!

I’m a sucker for tiny cute things, and I’m also a sucker for cupcakes, so I splurged on these miniscule little cakes at a kiosk outside Union Square. They’re meant to be a guilt-free treat because they’re, well, about the size of a quarter. (The advertising boasts- “They’re less than 50 calories each!) But after popping them in your mouth, the guilt still sets in. But it’s more in the form of “Oh my god, I just spent a whole dollar each for 3 miniature cupcakes?”

I also discovered Gazala’s Place, which serves Israeli food in the Druze tradition. I fell in the love with the goat cheese and spinach bureka, the fresh mint tea, and the platter of savory dips.

Do you plan out where you’re going to eat during your travels or just go with spontaneous inspiration? Do tell…


8 thoughts on “Food, Glorious Food!

    • maryrichardson

      I agree it’s good to leave some wiggle room when it comes to planning meals. Some of the best experiences are completely random.

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