Great Gatsby Ball in DC

Last Saturday night, I stepped out of 2012 and into the 1920’s.

One minute, I was walking through the busy downtown streets of Washington DC packed with traffic and flip-flop wearing tourists. The next, I was drawn into a romantic crystal chandelier and marble staircase world.

It was the Great Gatsby Ball in DC, an event transporting guests back to the days when looking dapper in tails and knowing how to dance the Charleston was highly important.

As you might imagine, this event featured lots of fringe, sequined headbands, peacock feathers, jazz hands, and more than a few flapper dresses conforming more to 2012 length and decency standards than the roaring 20s. One gorgeous attendee, in particular, wore a dress that barely covered her bum. She so enamored the event photographer that he insisted taking multiple photos of her twisting back and forth to let the fringe fly (much to the chagrin of her date who stood by nursing a cocktail)

In addition to flying fringe, there was live music and dancing. My husband and I were so intimidated by all the professional looking dancers who seemed to know choreographed routines. To avoid embarrassing ourselves, we desperately tried remembering the FOXTROT we learned for our wedding. We took a month of foxtrot lessons 4 years ago and paid a few hundred dollars, but sadly couldn’t remember more than the first 4 counts!

However, not to miss out on any of the dancing action, we did what WE do particularly well. We improvised using a few steps we know from different dances- a little bit of Texas two-step, some salsa, and even a few awkward turns from the waltz.

At the end of the night, with feet swollen and exhausted, I crossed back over into 2012 barefoot on the downtown streets of DC.

What are your dance moves like? Could you hold your own at a Great Gatsby Ball?


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