On My Bookshelf: Wild


This was the special little message someone tucked into this book I found in the library. One word only. Then I was intrigued.

I mean, how many times does a library book reader feel compelled to make a little connection with next library book reader?

So I read it, and I agree with the previous anonymous reader. WOW.

The Story

The story chronicles Cheryl Strayed’s solo hiking adventure on the Pacific Crest Trail. She did the 3 month hike alone in 1995 during a turbulent time in her life. The hike is a sort of catharsis for her, a chance to lose herself in physical exertion and escape her mental anguish over various life events and bad personal choices.

She’s completely unprepared for the hike, doesn’t know how to pack, and battles everything from hunger to rattlesnakes to lost toenails. She’s a bit of a mess really, but by the end of the story, I was rooting for her all the way.

My Connection

Probably the reason this story resonated so much with me is that it reminded me of former Peace Corps days hitchhiking around Namibia and constantly feeling in over my head. Like Cheryl, I found myself in so many of the same unfamiliar situations. Like her, I met so many people along the way with whom I shared a brief bond and then never saw again. I felt the same daily uncertainty, the same stripping down of everything I knew, the need for self-reliance, the constant personal tests, and also the unexpected moments of solitude and happiness.

How This Book Motivates Me Now

Sadly, I’ve been in a bit of rut for the past year since moving back to the States from overseas. I’ve been so focused on getting settled in my home and work that I’ve gotten BORING when it comes to new life experiences. I’ve been playing it safe for a while now.

But no more. Thanks to this book.

How about you? Has a book ever helped you get out of a rut? What does help you shake it up when things get stagnant?


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