Good Eats DC: Cheesetique

Traveling over the last year, I met two or three people who told me they NEVER had a good meal in DC.

I’m always like, “What? How can that be?”

I’m shocked because this city has FANTASTIC places to dine. Every possible world cuisine is available, with local Korean, Peruvian, Ethiopian, and Indian family owned restaurants being notable standouts.

To dispel all those naysayers out there, I”ll be writing a series of restaurant posts here about all the fabulous places to eat in DC and the vicinity. I’m always looking for new places to try, so all your recommendations are welcome!

The first featured restaurant is one of my absolute favorites – Cheesetique in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia.

Grilled pimiento cheese panini. I’m obsessed with this.

This gourmet cheese shop and cafe has a dazzling array of fromage that greets you at the door. The menu offers cheese and charcuterie plates, homey mac and cheese dishes with some exotic twists, awesome grilled sandwiches, and flavorful salads. There’s always a great wine to choose from and seasonal cocktails (hello, late summer white sangria). The prices are affordable and in the warmer months, there’s a small outdoor patio in the front, which makes for the nicest laziest afternoon drinking wine and eating cheese in the sun.

Normally, the food is so scrumptious, we gobble it down before there’s time for photos. But here are a few pictures I managed to snap over the past year…

A version of Mac’N Cheese with chicken and creamy camembert

A refreshing mojito made with Prosecco on a warm afternoon 
Grilled steak baguette with garlic aioli
Grilled taleggio with onion confit
Where do you fall on the cheese lover scale?
Do you go for straightforward or the more exotic? I’m learning there’s a whole huge cheese world out there, and the more I try them, the more daring I’m willing to go.
We’re headed to Paris for the Christmas holidays in a few weeks, so check back for updates on cheese samplings there. 

3 thoughts on “Good Eats DC: Cheesetique

  1. stevebloom2

    That surprises me that there are some people who said they haven’t had a good meal in D.C. I was just there two years ago and had some really good meals. I can’t remember the names of the places, but I was completely satisfied.

    So wait, you’re going to Paris and trying some cheese while you’re there. I love the cheese they have available there. I got some great Gruyere while I was there. Weirdly though the Brie I had there wasn’t as good as the Brie I have in the US. That surprised me since I thought it would be better. It very well might have just been the shop I went to that wasn’t good though.

    • maryrichardson

      I know, Ryan! I think they must not have ventured out very far if all their meals were bad. That’s interesting about your experience with the Brie in Paris. As for me, I’m enjoying the strange cheeses more the older I get…

  2. The grilled cheese steak sandwich looks delicious. I like simple, mild cheeses without the strong flavours. It’s ridiculous to me that some people would say they never had good food in a large metropolis such as D.C. In my opinion, these are the people who are unadventurous and non-experimental when it comes to food.

    p.s. so exciting that you’ll be in Rome for New Years Mary. I would love to meet, however, I usually spend the holidays around Umbria or the north. This holiday, I may even be going stateside…..waiting to see about that. But, if both those plans don’t pan out….you never know, we could meet. :-)))

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