On My Bookshelf:: The Sandalwood Tree


When I first moved to the DC area a year ago, I randomly stumbled on the Traveling Tea and Book Club, which I found on Meetup.com.

I couldn’t be happier with this group. All of the members are travel lovers, and there are even a few former Peace Corps volunteers like me.  Most importantly, we really do *get into* the books unlike some groups I’ve attended where the book is strangely not the focus of the meeting at all.

Our latest read was The Sandalwood Tree, which takes place in India in 1947 with flashbacks to 90 years earlier during the Sepoy Uprisings. This novel is part expat tale, travelogue, love story, and even history lesson.

It tells the personal stories of British and American expats living in the exact same house in India at two different points in the country’s long struggle towards Independence.  There are diaries hidden in loose boards in the floor, secrets waiting to be uncovered, and parallels between the characters’ lives.

While I didn’t love EVERYTHING about the story, overall, it renewed by interest in traveling to India someday. It’s one of those countries that has been on my travel list forever. Who knows, maybe 2013 is the year?

What have you been reading lately?


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