Remembering Paris through Unique Details


A Rudolph the Reindeer nose on a Parisian sculpture

Yes, some jokester actually scaled the statue in order to do this…


It’s funny what memories we hold in our minds after we visit a place.   

Many years ago I was an exchange student to France during one summer in high school. I lived with a French family who had three daughters. The eldest was named Bea, and she was a B (if you know what I mean). I remember the very first dinner they served me (seared tuna and ratatouille) and the bidet in the bathroom (of which I was more than a little afraid). I also remember trying oysters for the first time, and my host parents offering my 16 year old self cocktails before dinner.

But you know what? I honestly don’t remember much else. I don’t remember what France looked like, and I don’t even remember seeing all the famous sights.

That’s why visiting Paris over the last Christmas holiday as an adult, I felt overwhelmed by the sights and how pretty they are. In fact, I was continually distracted by chocolate displays among other things.

This trip, I noticed all kinds of details my adolescent self couldn’t be bothered with like flowers, the expressions on the faces of sculptures, and shop windows and took pictures of all of them (I blame it on Pinterest).

In any case, here are my favorite street scenes of Paris.

 I am sort of in love with this window display of stacked book and flying pigs.


Creepy gargoyle, but I love it













When you travel, do you tend to remember the experiences or the sights?


4 thoughts on “Remembering Paris through Unique Details

  1. Oh, you’re making me miss Paris. It was only last year, but I already want to go back again. I can’t believe someone would scale a statue just to put a clown nose on it. But then again, I’ve seen people do more for less.

    As far as what I remember more, experiences or sights. Hmm, that’s a tough one. I’d say it depends on the sight and experience. There are plenty of sights I remember, but there are also experiences that are more memorable too. In general I’d say that sights had more of an impression on me when I was first starting to travel. Now I usually find experiences more memorable.

  2. I love how you’ve included details of statues and shops in Paris. My husband and I just visited Paris for the first time last October 2012 but we’re missing the City of Love already. This post made me miss Paris all the more! I envy your picture at the bridge with the love locks. We missed seeing it.

    • maryrichardson

      Thanks so much Anna! I love taking photos of details so much because it takes me right back to those special moments. Paris is so magical, isn’t it?

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