Paris By Night

Paris is one of those cities that glistens at night. And in the winter during the holidays, the atmosphere is even better.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I present you a series of pictures taken at the world’s most iconic romantic spot. It really is quite exciting to  watch the Eiffel Tower slowly come ablaze as the night sky darkens.





These pictures were taken from the Trocadero side of the Eiffel Tower, where there is a lovely ice skating rink in the winter time and a night market full of sweet and savory treats like hot wine and Nutella crepes, of course.




What could be better than a warm gooey crepe, hot wine, and a night of ice skating against a gorgeous Paris backdrop? By the way, this grand evening in Paris only cost about 25 euros total- a bargain if I say so.

How do you like to spend your evenings out in Paris or any romantic city?    


2 thoughts on “Paris By Night

    • maryrichardson

      Yes, I agree! It wasn’t “Vegas” at all, but gradual and subtle. In fact, I kept thinking it was over, and the next time I looked up, it was even brighter.

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