Dreaming of Pastries and Other Delights in Paris


When I went to France as a geeky teen at 16 years old, I was first introduced to authentic french baguettes.

Hard crusty exterior, Light fluffy inside. I was spoiled at that tender age, and in all years since, I’ve been hard pressed to find an authentic-ish French baguette outside of the country (in addition to croissants, crepes, canneles, and more)

That’s why when I recently visited France, I resolved to eat as many bread and pastries as my stomach could hold. And I kept my promise.

Here are a few of my favorite eats from my trip.


Quiche with crudite at Le Coin. Funny story about this meal, actually. Had a “reservation” at Spring, a fine dining Parisian restaurant, and when I arrived there for dinner, I found it shut down, dark, and boarded up. Ended up at Le Coin by recommendation of our hotel concierge. It’s a small local restaurant with fresh daily menu items written on a chalkboard. We randomly chose various plates, and it was a delicious surprise.

Potatoes smothered in St. Germain melted cheese



Lamb with Frites


Giant chards of chocolate bark from Parisian Night Markets


Scone, Chocolat Chaud, and Cheesecake from A Priori Tea House


Pea Soup with Goat Cheese and Olive Tapenade Crostini


Camembert Salad


Savory Beef Stew



Finally, an almond croissant from a favorite small bakery near our hotel New Hotel Orient. The memory of this pastry wakes me up in the middle of the night sometimes.


Do you have food fantasies about meals you’ve had while traveling?

Have you ever sought out a restaurant you visited on a trip years before? Was it as good as you remembered, or did your memory exaggerate it?


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