When in Rome


Street scene in downtown Rome

I love Rome. I love the mix of ancient and modern, the cuisine, the winding streets, the lively residents, and the fashion. 

That’s why I’m always surprised when friends go on an Italian vacation and come back saying Rome was their least favorite city.

I do get their point about traffic congestion, hustle bustle, and hoards of tourists. But come on, this city is special!

There’s lots more to come, but here’s a peek at how I spent a recent four day trip in Rome.

Day 1

Walking in awe along the ancient streets and falling in love with Italian gelato



Day 2

Discovering the most delicious pizza, spotting the Pope, and taking in St Peters Basilica


Cherry tomato and olive oil pizza… words cannot describe


View of St Peters

Day 3

Experiencing the wonders of art at the Vatican


Day 4

Strolling the Jewish quarter and indulging in as much pasta as I can eat before going home


Spinach and parmesan risotto and amatriciana bucatini pasta

Have you ever been to Rome? Are you a lover or one of those who prefer other Italian cities? How do you feel about this ancient destination?

Share your comments below! 


12 thoughts on “When in Rome

  1. “I’m always surprised when friends go on an Italian vacation and come back saying Rome was their least favorite city.”

    YES exactly! – I too don’t get why people aren’t more in love with Rome! I spent three weeks in Italy and Rome was still one of my favourite cities! I mean don’t get me wrong – Venice and Florence were wonderful in their own ways but I felt Rome had more to offer!

    Everyone I know keeps saying Rome is too crowded. True but it wasn’t unbearably crowded I felt and the enchanting bustle of Rome (and of course, the lovely back alleys and the pasta!) was what made me fall in love with Rome in the first place!

    • maryrichardson

      You know what I’m talking about! I think maybe for some people, Rome is the last stop on the itinerary and they’re tired by then? I don’t know…

  2. Your photos are beautiful Mary. Glad you enjoyed Rome. I love every place that I travel, and Rome is similar to Paris, London, Prague and any other city filled with incredible monuments, old neighbourhoods, narrow streets, etc. Yes, the downside is that there are too many tourists…..but there’s nothing one can do about that. I just try and remember to take a moment and breathe when I feel overwhelmed with the amount of people and traffic around me.

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