Food Window Displays in Rome


Tarts in a bakery window in Campo de Fiori, Rome

One popular post I wrote a while back was all about chocolate window displays in Paris. Without a doubt, Rome rivals Paris when it comes to beautiful displays of food. The windows in this ancient city are every bit as enticing… and who doesn’t love carbs?

Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!


These large round donuts are warmed in a panini press and then served with nutella at the night markets in Rome


Those are expensive truffles…


How in the world does one decide?


Beautiful food souvenirs to remember your trip to Rome


Any kind of pasta you could want


Heavenly fresh mozzarella… this cheese shop smelled divine

Do you feel like you want Italian food today? Me too…


7 thoughts on “Food Window Displays in Rome

  1. I loved the deli shops, especially the hole-in-the-wall ones where there technically isn’t even a menu and they whip up a sandwich on request!

    And regarding the panini press donuts – do they really serve them with nutella? Did not know that! I wanted to buy one after a long night at the Colosseum on Holy Thursday (we went to see the Pope!) but I felt abit guilty indulging right after doing the solemn Stations of the Cross so I abstained! Kinda regretting it now!

  2. Yum. How would you decide from a selection like that? The cheeses alone would be hard to choose from. I think I would just have to do what I normally do under those circumstances. I would buy a little of my favorite kind of cheese and a little of another I’ve never tried before. That way I get something good and also expand my horizons. Not a bad process really.

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