Popes and Pizza in Roma, Day 2


Our second day in Rome featured a Pope sighting at St Peters Basilica, lessons in confrontation from a friendly Cuban tourist, and excellent cracker thin crust Roman pizza and antipasto.

The morning started off crisp and sunny, so we decided to walk to St Peter’s from our hotel near the Trevi Fountain. It only took us about 20 minutes and we passed so many gorgeous views along the way.


Beautiful weeping trees lining the canal


Golden morning sunlight in Rome


Once we arrived there, we took our place way at the end of the line. It was during this waiting period that we met the Pope! I already wrote about our random Pope sighting here. That was one exciting moment!

After Pope frenzy died down, it was back to waiting in that horrendously long line. However, the closer we got to the front, the more interesting things became. In fact, we got lessons from a friendly Cuban ahead of us in how to fend off unscrupulous tourists trying to cut.

“Are you standing in line?” he shouted to the line cutters

“Yes,” they replied sheepishly smiling.

“Where?” he demanded at them sharply. “Where is your line? Because you are not in OUR line!”

The tourists would bow their heads while ducking OUT of line. I have to admit I used the Cuban’s very own words the next day as I confronted line cutters at the Vatican.

In hindsight, we probably should have just sprung for the fast pass, which lets you skip the line at many major Roman hotspots.

But we figured the lines wouldn’t be so long given the time of year. Silly us!

All that waiting in line and contemplating St Peter’s sure works up an appetite. Afterwards, we headed to the nearest pizzeria where we feasted on delicious antipasto and thin crust pizza.

Okay, two things to say about this meal:

First, how do Italians make vegetables taste SO good?

And second, the pizza I ordered (pictured above) was called “Meat lovers” … can you see there’s only like 8 small balls of sausage on that?


Have you ever confronted someone who tried to cut in front of you in line? How did that go over?
Are you a fan of thin crust Roman pizza? Share your comments below!

12 thoughts on “Popes and Pizza in Roma, Day 2

  1. I have to make sure I read your blog posts AFTER eating… that pizza looks so delicious.

    And RE: the line cutters… sometimes I wish it was as simple as the grade school days, “No cuts, not buts, no coconuts!” usually ended the line-cutting…

    • maryrichardson

      I love that saying! I never heard it before!
      I was actually surprised that I actually got people to leave the line… but it made me mad, and so many people let others cut in front of them.

  2. I love thin crust pizza! And the italian kind was the best I’ve tasted so far! Also, somehow having the pizzas be square-shaped (as opposed to being round-shaped) made everything taste better to me!!

    And re: linecutting! Urghh I hate that too! But I’m usually too chicken to tell people off when I’m traveling since I don’t want to cause a scene (especially if I’m traveling alone). But you can bet I’ll be shooting death glares at the guilty party!!

    Also, can I just say I love your outfit in the second picture! Your boots are GORGEOUS!

    • maryrichardson

      Thanks Sarah!

      I know what you mean about the square shaped pizza. I especially like when they cut it with scissors, too!

      Thanks for the compliment about the boots. They are great for walking around and being comfortable and looking somewhat stylish. It’s often hard to strike that balance when traveling…

  3. Lovely photo Mary! The pizza is delicious in Italy, although, it starts to get a bit stale, when you eat it every week. When you live here people generally don’t entertain at home, they like to go out, and they always want to go out to a pizzeria.

    And as for the line cutting, don’t even get me started. Even if you had those machines that give out numbers so people know that it’s their turn, they even fail to obey this system. Italians are infamous for not following rules and queue cutting is more common than not. It happens on a daily basis if I go to the bakery, post office, etc. It’s another place where I do a lot of deep breathing .-)).

    p.s. I’m very blessed that my husband likes to do the same things I do.

    Wishing you a wonderful week wherever you are!

  4. That’s a good line to say to people cutting. A friend of mine actually has a funny story about cutting in line. He walked up to the back of the line about thirty minutes before an exhibit opened in DC, but noticed no one was getting behind him. So he asked the people next to him if he was in the right line. It turns out that he actually walked to the front of the line instead of the back. But the people didn’t say anything to him. He was embarrassed, but they let him get away with it.

    • maryrichardson

      Yes, sometimes people do let others cut. I don’t know why. Maybe they just don’t want the confrontation?

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