Fresh, Pure, and Rustic: Favorite Rome Eats


Beef carpaccio decorated with nutty fresh parm and olive oil. Sinfully creamy tiramisu. Vegetables as delicious as nature intended them.

Are you hungry right now? I know I’m salivating…

One of the best things about rustic Italian cooking is how you get wonderful taste experience from a few simple ingredients. Now, that’s my style of eating!

Here are some of my favorite meals from my latest Rome trip.


Cacio e pepe (Translation: cheese and pepper) pasta… so simple but delish


I dare vegetable haters of the world to turn up their nose at this antipasto platters…


Roman style lasagna with pink sauce. Yummo


Heavenly… that’s all I can say.


The best Italian pasta sauce in my opinion… fresh pure and simple tomato and basil

When it comes to pasta sauces, I’m really a traditionalist. I absolutely love tomato basil garlic style pasta sauces. They’re fresh and super healthy.

Hey you, Italian food lovers! I want to hear from you!¬†What’s your favorite Italian dish? Share your comments below.


7 thoughts on “Fresh, Pure, and Rustic: Favorite Rome Eats

  1. In Florence, I had this amazing Pear & Ricotta Tortellini that tasted as divine as it sounds. It was a religious experience.

    My friend and I sat there staring at our empty plate seriously considering whether to order a second portion – but in the end we decided to overload on dessert (which was equally amazing).

    I’m not even normally a pasta fan but Italy changed me! Your photos are so gorgeous! I need to try Capio e Pepe (never knew there was such a thing!)

  2. Those are some really fancy dishes. While Italian isn’t my favorite kind of food, I still do enjoy it. And these dishes did make me salivate a little. Just..Yum. Look at them, they look delicious.

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