Unique Eats: Crazy Good Banana Split


When’s the last time you had a banana split?

If you’re like me, you haven’t even thought about this retro dessert since you were a kid.

That changed recently, though, when I popped into downtown DC restaurant Central Michel Richard for lunch one day.

I’ve been trying to liven up the work week with a little treat here and there. It helps make the day go faster!

Anyway, this creation is a “deconstructed” banana split.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Yes, that is pineapple and pistachio sprinkled over the cream and bananas.

Okay, it looks like my whole meal consisted of dessert, but I was actually a good girl.

I started with these little cheese puff balls (or gougeres as they are called on the menu). The little pockets of dough were warm and savory!


Then I moved on to a ham and brie cheese open faced tartine. Yes, those are pistachios again. I love it!


Okay one last shot of the banana split for you because I just know you want to see it from a different angle.


My normal lunch during the work week is a sandwich I eat between meetings. So, this was a refreshing deviation from the norm.

Okay, I want to know about you!

What’s your normal work day lunch? Do you ever treat yourself to a meal out?  Would you ever go for this banana split?

Thanks for tuning in!


9 thoughts on “Unique Eats: Crazy Good Banana Split

  1. That’s some banana split. I remember loving them when I was a little kid, but haven’t had one in years. And when I did have one, they weren’t that fancy. Ok, now I want one.

  2. Oh my goodness! That’s some lunch! I love every bit of that meal but to be honest, you had me at “pineapple and pistachio”!

    Ahh it’s been ages since I’ve had a banana split! I’ve never really been a fan except that I liked the chocolate and the nuts sprinkled on top! But this deconstructed banana split is making me reconsider!

  3. Hey Mary! Sorry for a second comment but I’ve nominated you for a versatile blogger award! You don’t have to pass on the award but its just my way of letting you know i’m enjoying your blog! Thank you for writing! Details of the award (and how to accept and pass it on if you wish) on my latest blog post!

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