DC Eats: Ted’s Bulletin


Steak burrito

  A few weeks ago, we happened to be in the DC Capitol neighborhood very early in the morning and we checked out Ted’s Bulletin.

This coffee shop/restaurant has so much character. The ambiance is like a 1920s newspaper office (hence the name Ted’s Bulletin) complete with old-timey features.

IMG_8869There were retro soda fountain bar stools and booths, a projector playing black and white movies on a screen, cozy hanging lanterns, and a menu printed on that quickly diminishing relic from the past– a newspaper!



The breakfast food ranged from traditionals like bacon and eggs to fun versions of homemade pop tarts, including a very special peanut butter and bacon version (which sadly were NOT ready while we were there).


Strawberry jam filled homemade poptarts

I know I’m a nerd, but one of the most fun details was the door to the women’s bathroom…IMG_8877

Ted’s Bulletin is a good bet if you’re in the downtown DC Capitol district and you’re looking for a unique place with tasty food and ambiance. My suggestion is to arrive early during prime meal times, though or be prepared to wait…


3 thoughts on “DC Eats: Ted’s Bulletin

  1. If only I had read this last week when I was in DC. I could have gone there since i was in the area…ugh. Oh well, I can go next time I go there.

    I do love the retro soda fountain look. It’s classy. I could see myself sitting on one of those and having a coke or two.

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