DC Eats: Brunch at Post Moderne


Award winning duck fat fried doughnut with bourbon and maple glaze

The last experience I had eating something fried in duck fat was pretty great… but it was almost 4 years ago in Tokyo! (duck fat french fries to be exact)

So, when I saw duck fat fried doughnuts on the brunch menu at Post Moderne Brasserie in DC, it took about one second to order them. These little rings of dough were good… dense and cake like, but not too sweet, which is how I like them. 

As part of our continuing exploration of food in DC, we visited this beautiful restaurant in downtown DC last weekend. It was such a treat. Even though it’s pricey (compared to a pancake house), I recommend having a special brunch out at a swanky place once in a while. It feels so luxurious, and it’s not as expensive as dinner can be in a fine restaurant.


I love the green walls and chandelier and the ornate floral arrangements


Okay, on to the important part. What did we order?

While I have a huge sweet tooth, I prefer a savory brunch. So, I had the Marquez lamb hash with potatoes, peppers, and a poached egg on top. I love when the meat sizzles in the cast iron pan that’s too hot to handle.


We also tried the signature dish “Mr Crunch” Croque Monsier, made with homemade bread, salty ham, cheese, and lovely melty mornay sauce.  My husband was in love with this one.


My favorite bloody mary ever is the “Caliente” from World Famous, a small ocean boardwalk restaurant in Pacific Beach, California. (I love that bloody mary so much that I once begged the waitress to give me their secret recipe without luck) Anyway, because that cocktail is the pinnacle of all bloody marys in my opinion, I’m always a little resistant to order one elsewhere.


But Post Moderne just happens to display an inviting make-it-yourself bar with all kinds of fun accoutrements like pickled asparagus, dill pickles, 4 different types of tabasco, and bacon! Best of all, you can select flavored vodkas like chili and horseradish.


I’m happy to report this drink did not disappoint at all… can you resist all that bacon?

 After brunch, we sat in the fun lobby admiring the green decor and flower arrangements, relaxed and content with our meal.


 So, I’m curious… are you a greasy diner fan or do you occasionally like the swanky brunch? Do you go for sweet or savory?


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