Inn at Little Washington

 IMG_2161Take a look at this unassuming front facade.

You’d never think there were influential or famous people inside would you? People like Alan Greenspan? (Confession: I didn’t recognize him at the time. It wasn’t until a google search later. I did recognize Andrea Mitchell from Meet the Press, but I kept calling her Cokey Roberts)

In fact, this front belongs to The Inn at Little Washington, a cozy fine dining restaurant outside of Washington DC. My husband and I splurged on our anniversary dinner here.

The Inn at Little Washington is one of those places that you don’t want to wear out. The price tag alone makes it unpractical for more than once a year (or maybe even every other year). But after experiencing it once, I’m already trying to figure out the next “special” event we can use as an excuse to visit again.

Our meal started with a fancy cocktail. I chose the “Bees Knees” because it was made with lavender honey they source on their own property. While normally not a fan of sweet drinks, this Scottish gin and honey creation was velvety smooth. The powdered honey rim was a nice accent, too.


There are several dining options, though all the meals are four to six courses long. We went with the standard option, but many diners around us chose much more extravagant meals.

The couple sitting next to us (a lovely young Indian couple) chose the vegetarian meal option with the most beautifully decorated plates I’ve ever seen (one of them featured charred chili pepper on top a mound of salt crystals people!) I had to fight the urge to ask them if I could take photos of their food.

While our meal featured four courses, there were lots of little extra tastes complimentary of the chef. I love this tradition in fine dining places- it’s a fun surprise every time they bring out a new treat. It also extends the meal from one hour into several, so you feel as though you’re getting a luxurious drawn out experience.

The first surprise was a trio of savory bites. From left clockwise: fig with cheese wrapped in prosciutto, pork belly in yuzu sauce, homemade french onion dip inside a fried potato skin.IMG_4033

The next course was thick and creamy rutabaga soup with a gougere on the side. This was called “Liquid shot of autumn” and it was better than pumpkin pie, ya’ll.


Okay, now on to our appetizers. My husband ordered tuna tartar with cucumber sorbet. As you can imagine, this was so refreshing and light.


My appetizer was Duck carpaccio with Caesar Salad ice cream. Those blobs on the plate that look like fried eggs are dollops of savory ice cream that really did taste like caesar salad. How did they do that? Amazing!


The next course was lovely too. I got truffled macaroni and cheese on parmesan crisp (Do you see how they formed the parmesan into the shape of a sleigh?)


Sean ordered homemade pasta with mushrooms. You can tell by the photo quality that daylight is turning to night…


Sean’s main entree was a ribeye with bone marrow potato on the side and brussel sprouts.


I ordered the tuna “filet mignon,” adorned with a luscious triangle of foie gras underneath those onion strings on top.


By the time we got to dessert, I was already full. Eating leisurely over several hours does that to you…

But then there was dessert, of course.

We could not resist the “Seven Deadly Sins” because come on, how could you resist it?

This dessert offered 7 tastes of their most decadent desserts. My favorite was the pecan sandy ice cream sandwich in the middle with bittersweet chocolate and caramel sauce.



As we were leaving, we asked the Maitre d’ to take our photo. This moment was right before the Alan Greenspan sighting.

Sean’s wallet was significant lighter, but we were more than satisfied. We were delighted really by this special meal and happy to celebrate 6 years of marriage together.


How do you feel about course meals and dinners that last for hours? Do you splurge from time to time for special occasions?  Tell me in the comments!


7 thoughts on “Inn at Little Washington

  1. CE Matthews

    It sounds awesome! I’m so happy for you guys. If you ever want to go again the Matthews will join you for sure (although not on your anniversary!!)

  2. It looks expensive. As soon as you said Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell eat there I could guess it probably isn’t cheap. By the way I could probably recognize him on sight – I’m a nerd that way.

    Yeah, I like to splurge on a good meal once in a while. Once a year is probably enough for me though.

    • maryrichardson

      Thanks for your comment Steve! That’s great you could recognize Greenspan if you saw him… I’m a little embarrassed that I could not.

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