Barcelona Day 1: Picasso was here


My favorite past time in Barcelona was wandering along the famous shopping streets of Las Ramblas and through the streets of the Barri Gotic, or Gothic Quarter. There’s no better people watching than here. Plus, I love how this area has layers of history. 

There are art deco wide boulevards lined with beautiful hotels, shops, and cafes. They gradually narrow into winding ancient streets that open onto surprise courtyards with churches, parks, or art installations. We spent many hours rambling along these streets.


IMG_9554 IMG_9241  IMG_9224


Walking these streets makes one thirsty and there are dozens of cozy cafes and bars in this area. We ended up at a place called “4 Gats” which is famous for being a Picasso hangout when he lived in the city.




The interior were beautiful, but I’m sad to say this place was a tourist trap really. We paid 25 Euro for a pitcher of sangria that was nothing more than grape juice.

If you go this restaurant, I recommend stopping in for a beer or coffee to absorb some of the atmosphere, but avoid anything more pricey than that.

Oh well… I suppose “Picasso hung out here” should have been a warning, but how could you not want to go inside this place?

Do you try to avoid the tourist places when you travel or just go for them anyway?


3 thoughts on “Barcelona Day 1: Picasso was here

  1. A tourist trap or no, how could I avoid a place that Picasso hung out? I don’t know if I’d stay there long and if the price was a little high, I’d definitely not stay and spend money.

    I have mixed feelings about touristy things. On the one hand, they can be fun, but on the other, they don’t seem authentic. I do often go to them, but maybe I don’t stick to them for long.

    • maryrichardson

      I think you’re right that it’s important to strike a balance. Maybe visit the tourist place, but be able to escape if necessary!

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