Barcelona Day 2: La Boqueria


Barcelona’s La Boqueria indoor food market was such a fun place to walk around. There were so many different food stalls selling everything from flavored salts to animal brains (um, no thanks). Even though this market was tame compared to some I’ve been in Africa and Asia, it was still a colorful place to ponder all the unique culinary preferences people have around the world.

Here are some photos from our Boqueria walk through.


Spaniards eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight on New Years






One cannot visit Spain and not recognize how much the Spanish love their cured hams… everywhere you go, you see hams hanging in shop windows. As most things, there are cheap versions and extremely expensive. Apparently, the jamon iberico is primo stuff, judging from the price! These pigs are served a special diet of black acorns, which gives the meat its distinctive flavor.




We weren’t the only ones interested in this market as you can tell

What’s the most interesting (or shocking) thing you’ve ever seen in a market while traveling?


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