Barcelona Day 4: Waterfront on a sunny winter day


Barcelona is one of those unique cities with a mix of old and new, city and nature.

I love that you can spend an entire day exploring the centuries old gothic quarter and then laze on a beach with modern sculptures and hotels the next.

I also love the idea of enjoying the beach in winter!

During our stay in Barcelona, we were fortunate to get a beautiful sunny day on the beach. It wasn’t exactly warm enough to swim in the ocean, but it was pleasant enough to stroll the boardwalk and enjoy a nice meal.

Here are some shots of our day at the waterfront.



Sandcastle art



yum… chocolate covered churros at the beach


Joking around with a crab leg


Narrow old streets leading to the ocean


Christopher Columbus statue at the beginning of the waterfront… he still thinks he landed in India


IMG_9426How do you feel about the beach in the winter? Do you enjoy it when it’s cooler or do you prefer to go when it’s warm?


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