Flashback Friday: Cooking School in Cambodia







While we were in Siem Reap, Cambodia a few years ago, we ate at a lovely restaurant called Le Tigre de Papier.

We found out they offered cooking classes and quickly joined in. This was such a fun experience learning how to make curries and egg rolls.

It was also fun because we got to meet all sorts of other expats there, including a cute young family with a little boy, Tollie (pictured above).

Here’s a story I remember from that day…

After we made our meal, we sat with our new friends and chatted for about an hour.

Inevitably, the conversation turned, as it often does anytime there’s a Brit (or any foreign person for that matter) and an American together, to a questioning of why America does a certain thing this way or that.

This particular evening, the question was about American currency.

“Why does America have bills that are all the same color and size? It’s confusing and it makes it easy to make a mistake when you hand over your money,” Tollie’s father inquired.

“The trick is you have to keep all your bills stacked together in same denominations and lined up bank face. That way you won’t give the wrong bill.”

“I’m a banker, for heaven’s sake. I’m a really organized person.”

I glanced down at his wallet. “Okay, well there’s your problem. See, you have a ten and then some ones, and a twenty back there and over here. They are all turned different ways.”

Tollie’s dad gave me an annoyed look and the conversation was over as he stuffed the bills back in his wallet.

After we said goodbye and we parted ways, from a distance, I heard little Tollie chastising his father about the currency, “Daddy, you did it all wrong. You’ve got to put all the ones together, and then the twos together…”



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