The Summer of Outdoors





Apart from a quick weekend trip coming up in June, we decided to stay-cation in the Washington DC area this summer. 

I’m a little sad we won’t be packing our bags for any exotic destination any time soon.

However, I am excited to explore the OUTDOORS in this area.

These next few months will be all about hiking in the woods, picnics in scenic spots, outdoor movies and concerts in the park, inner tubing, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

Because of our new addition (the puppy Quinn), everything will be dog friendly too!

In spite of the likely hot and humid temps in about a month and the mosquitoes, I think it’s fun to make this commitment to enjoying the outdoors.

How about you? Are you with me? 


2 thoughts on “The Summer of Outdoors

  1. I happened to flip onto your page after reading that Okinawa Japan was #1 place to retire. I suffer from arthritis & live in Amsterdam which is too wet too cold & too dirty air, ground & water. I have traveled 3x around the world.My sister lived in Japan (35 yrs.) until the last earthquake.They now live in Cambodia.Beautiful as it is, NOT the place for arthrits sufferers (my sister wants to leave now too).So tell us WHY we should move to Okinanwa!
    We are TCM (Chinees Medicine) & African knowledgibles into herbs & acupunctuur having studied/living & taught @ Universities in China & South Africa.If you have other suggestions (it seems Latin America is hi on the list) we are listening.No Greece,Thai,Malaysia, Swiss,Scandanavian,Spain svp.We speak between us French, Japanese, Chinees (4 dialects)Spanish,Italian.Love your pictures.
    Warm greetings,

    • maryrichardson

      Hi Dianne,
      Thanks for stopping by! Okinawa is such a pleasant island… and it has a healthy lifestyle. Visit for a few weeks and see how you like it!

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