April Look Back


April turned out to be a great month around here. 

First off, the weather FINALLY turned warm (sort of).

After a long cold and snowy winter, the cherry blossoms and tulips and daffodils bloomed in full force around the DC area. I’ve gushed over it here and here, but I have to say it again.

Spring is really the best time of year here.


On the professional front, Sean got a new job this month and we celebrated by going to our favorite Arlington steak restaurant, Ray’s the Steaks.

I got my absolute favorite meal, which I will never ever deviate from– the filet with brandy mushroom sauce.


Normally a T-bone man, Sean actually branched out this time and tried something new- skirt steak with garlic chips and blue cheese. IMG_1308

We also explored a new entertainment district called Mosaic in April.

We went to the Mosaic movie theater, which is about the coolest new place ever.

This modern theater has big plushy chairs and you can order real food and drinks and consume them while you watch your movie. (Hello, kimchi burgers, cheese and fruit platters, and beer)

There I am underneath the gorgeous crystal chandelier. When’s the last time you’ve seen that in a movie theater?

IMG_0882 IMG_0878

On an exciting note, our pink tree in front of our house bloomed.

Every year, it blooms later and later and we always worry that somehow we killed it by mistake.

Then it finally blooms and we feel relieved.


We also tried out a few new recipes on the big green egg during the weekends and made some other good things.

Of course, there were lots of walks with Quinn this month around our neighborhood, in Georgetown, and other parts of DC.

IMG_0965 IMG_1159 IMG_0908

We’re looking forward to the days getting longer and hotter and all the good things that come in May.


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