Late Afternoon: Dupont Circle


Last weekend, we headed to Dupont Circle to enjoy the afternoon and try out some new places.

Specifically, we planned to go to the Dupont Circle Art Walk. The first weekend of each month, the galleries there open after hours to the public.

Our first stop was food of course at Bub and Pop’s, a Philly style deli for sandwiches.

Sean had the brisket topped with aged cheese. I had the Italian hoagie.



I’m in love with this place now, and already plotting how I can get back there.

So many of their sandwich fillings were already sold out by the time we arrived, so for me, that’s the mark of a great place.


This place also serves several varieties of homemade pickles.

I loved the seasonal pickled fruit so much that as soon as I got home, I googled how to prepare my own pickled watermelon.

In all honesty, I’ll probably never actually go through with making it at home, but I was inspired by Bub and Pop’s version.

Have you ever heard of pickled dragon fruit before? Amazing

Because donuts seem to be going through a renaissance as of late, the next stop was GBD, which stands for Golden Brown Delicious.

(Technically, I think the name refers to their fried chicken)

They had a tempting array of seasonal donuts (hello, strawberry lemonade).

We debated between the maple bourbon glazed and the chocolate pudding donut, but as I am always the chocoholic, we chose the latter.



This donut had chocolate pudding inside and it was topped with chocolate rice crispies.

While I enjoyed it, I sort of wish we had gotten the other one. Now we have to go back for that one too.

We ended up having such a nice time walking around and people watching that we never made it to the open art galleries.

Oh well, lazy warm late afternoons are for going with the flow, right?




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