May Look Back


May was a fun month with lots of social events and other things going on.

The temperature finally decided it wanted to be summer and we saw some days in the 90s!

I turned into summer-time Mary as I do every year. This basically means that I stay up late at night and sleep later in the mornings. Come summer time, I can’t seem to roll out of bed in the mornings! I’m also just more relaxed. During the full-on school year when I’m teaching, I tend to be frazzled and hold onto to my stress. In summers, something about the warm weather and longer days lets me let go of the stress somehow (even though I’m working over the summer too).

There were lots of get togethers with friends this month.

I hosted some friends from work at our house for an end of semester potluck party with so much good food!


We met up with some friends for brunch at our favorite DC spot, Poste Moderne.


We also got lots of use out of the Big Green Egg in May. Some friends came over for BBQ ribs and others for Thai beef satay.


In other areas, Sean and I visited the Barrel Oak Winery one day and stopped off at the nearby historic Emmanuel Episcopal church to walk around. While were there, Sean tripped over Quinn’s leash in the graveyard and fell down. The silly puppy Quinn jumped all over him because he thought it was a new game. (Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of that!)


Sean celebrated his Birthday this month, and for this special day, we went to go see Godzilla at the IMAX theater in 3D (awful, don’t even think about it).

Then we splurged on a fine meal at Komi, DC’s number one restaurant, Komi. We didn’t get out of there until 12:30 am, ya’ll!

Komi has a strict no photo policy, so we have no pictures of our meal, but the incredible lineup featured trout roe, trout sashimi, duck heart with dehydrated strawberries, sea scallops, spring vegetables, pasta with lamb bacon, baby goat, date stuffed with mascarpone, ravioli with blood pudding, homemade sourdough with fresh ricotta, chocolate pudding, coconut sorbet, sea urchin, and homemade lollipops.We got the wine pairing and it ranged from champagne, sherry, belgium beer, white and red wine, and muscato. I actually had to cut myself off before the end because it was too much!


May ended strong.

One Saturday, we drove all the way to Baltimore for lunch at Amicci’s, one of our favorite Italian restaurants. We got the famous Pane Rotunda, which we inhaled in no time flat. I slept for almost 4 hours after that lunch! At first, I thought there was something wrong with me (sick? pregnant? drugged?) Then I realized it was just the carbs. (I mean, look at that thing!)


For Memorial Day, we headed to Annapolis for a dog walk around the downtown and lunch.

Surprisingly, Annapolis was NOT overrun with memorial day tourists and revelers, so it was a nice leisurely afternoon.


Good bye May. You were a good month.

But June is looking even better right about now.

We’ve got some fun things happening like Sean’s family coming in for a visit, a quick trip to Dallas for a wedding, a weekend cabin trip with Quinn in Shenandoah, a dinner at the Thai embassy, and a show at the Kennedy Center.

We also just got the Washingtonian’s latest issue of Best Cheap Eats in DC 2014, so I’m sure we’ll be sampling lots of tasty food too.


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