Food Adventures From the Weekend


Last weekend was all about food… lots of food. 

It started on Friday night with a potluck get-together. When Sean and I first moved to DC, I joined a cooking meetup, which was fun for a few times. But then a small group of us girls splintered off and formed our own potluck group.

Each month, we choose a theme and prepare a meal around it. Sometimes, it’s a single ingredient (like pumpkin in November) or more general than that (Hawaiian or Italian). To take advantage of all the wonderful farmer’s markets lately, the theme for May was “farm to table”.


There ended up being only 3 of us on Friday night, but the lineup included roasted pork with grilled plum salad, a burger on an eggplant bun, and my contribution, tomato pie.

On Saturday, we wanted to explore our latest issue of the Washingtonian for the Cheap Eats 2014. Craving burgers, we settled on the Green Pig Bistro for dinner. This neighborhood restaurant in Arlington serves southern comfort type food that seems to be so popular right now.





We got the fried pimento cheese balls, chicken with pigeon pea risotto, and a bacon cheeseburger with the bacon ground into the beef.

Then Sunday morning, Sean decided to treat me to a homemade breakfast of chorizo and cheese muffin tin frittatas from our absolutely favorite recipe site, Cooks Country.


He was very proud of his frittatas, and with good reason. They tasted great, and we’ll be enjoying them for the rest of this week.

Sunday afternoon was so temperate and nice that we decided to cook and eat al fresco on our balcony.

On the menu? Homemade pizzas on the big green egg.






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