Flashback Friday: Singapore


For our very first wedding anniversary in 2008, Sean and I went to Singapore!

It’s so fun to look back over these photos… we were still getting to know each other for the most part. Also, we look so much younger! (I’m wearing a red plastic headband, ya’ll!)

We stayed at the Marriott on Orchard Road, a perfect location for catching the metro and shopping. We arrived late on the first night, so we settled in with some champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. (oh to be newlyweds again…)




We started the our first morning there with a buffet breakfast at the hotel. This was a great chance to try all kinds of interesting local Singaporean dishes made with Indian, Malay,and Chinese influences. Ever heard of fried carrot cake? It turned out to be a stirfry with shredded carrots and shrimp in a spicy sauce. Some of our favorites included chicken curry (yes, for breakfast!), fresh strawberry juice, an array of chinese dumplings, and my new favorite– caramel gelato on waffles.


I remember I was so excited about those waffles, guys!) It’s funny now

Our first stop in sightseeing was the Raffles Hotel, a beautiful colonial plantation famous for being a hangout of 1940s celebrity expats such as Charlie Chaplin, W. Somersaught Maugham, Rudyard Kipling, Ava Gardner, and Jean Harlow.



The hotel is also sadly known for being the location where the last living tiger in Singapore was shot and made extinct.

Even grimmer, the hotel is where 300 Japanese soldiers committed suicide during the liberation at the end of WWII.

But not grim enough to make us lose our thirst…


Perhaps the hotel is most famous for being the birth place of the drink, the Singapore Sling. Despite the insane price for this drink at $22, ofcourse we had to try it and experience the ambience in the famous Long Bar. I couldn’t get over those cool fans moving back and forth in the ceiling!



After our bar tab set us back about $100 (geez, we only had two drinks and an appetizer tower), we walked around the downtown and had fun taking pictures of the Merlion statue and local art sculptures. The Merlion, the symbol for Singapore, represents a lion’s head with a fish body.



That night, we headed to the Boat Quay for dinner. It was a beautiful night and we ate at an open air Sri Lankan restaurant with a view of the lights and water. The restaurant was a little bit eccentric- only two servers, all kinds of uncertainty about where to seat us, extremely slow service, and some of the dishes required a 48 hours advance notice if you wanted to order them! We got a little worried when it took forever for our drinks to come, but seriously, people kept swarming in, so we decided to stick it out. We weren’t disappointed! The food really was so fresh and yummy. Each dish arrived on its own little burner so it wouldn’t get cold.




Incidentally, Sean made it back to Singapore to that very same restaurant in 2012 while he was on a business trip.

I was so jealous, and we sort of got into a fight about it, but I forgave him for going without me.

Stay tuned for next week Friday’s Flashback: Singapore Day 2!



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