Flashback Friday: Singapore Part II



This flashback post is part II of our first anniversary trip to Singapore. Read about Part I here.

We spent some time at Sentosa Island, a former fishing village and then a British military fortress in the 1960s.







Today it’s a tourist island. We took the cable car across, which gave us a nice view of the skyline.

We spent our time learning about the history at a cultural museum, riding a luge down the side of the mountain, and taking the sky lift.

Our next stop was Chinatown where we looked at the shops and visited a Hindu Temple. Check out all the cows on the roof tops!





After Chinatown, we headed back to the hotel and decided to have High Tea. Unlike British high tea (with cucumber sandwiches and crumpets), this high tea had an array of savory snacks like Laksa, a spicy noodle soup, more curry, and even sushi!

Later in the evening we jumped back onto the Metro and headed to Little India to see the festival of lights. After walking out of the metro, we encountered a section of town unlike any of the others we had visited. Everything about Singapore up to that point had been so familiar (Borders bookstores, shopping malls, even a Carl’s Junior), but Little India made us feel like we were really in a different country.

Walking around, we saw a sea of men just standing around talking to each other everywhere and few women. We thought they had to be assembled there for the festival of lights- surely, the lights were about to be turned on with great fanfare or something? But as time passed and no lights ever came on, we realized that’s just what they do on Sunday nights.

We had a great time making our way through the masses and exploring this new section of town.

Have you ever been to Singapore? What did you think?


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