Hello Texas!


Growing up in Alabama, my family used to visit our cousins in Houston in the summers.

We’d pile up in the car and do a long road trip there, getting excited about the mexican food and everything else Texas offers. I’ve had fond feelings for the state ever since.

Last weekend, Sean and I flew to Dallas for the wedding of Mark, one of his friends from college days.

We stayed at the historic Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas. This place did not disappoint us… in fact, we loved its old quirky charm.



The hallways were long and bendy and we actually got lost once or twice trying to get to the elevator. We joked that this hotel resembled the one in the horror movie The Shining.

Poking around online, I did find a few comments people made about this hotel being haunted!

Whatcha think of the floral carpet? Enough to make someone go a little crazy, I think.

The lobby of hotel was beautiful with huge indoor palms, antique Chinese themed furniture, and gigantic tapestries on the walls.







On the afternoon we arrived, loads of guests were enjoying afternoon tea in the pleasant lobby.

While I do love afternoon tea, we skipped that in favor of beer, peanuts, and nachos, of course at the hotel Rodeo bar! (C’mon, how could you not?)



After we got our fill of Shiner bock, melty cheese, and jalapenos, we headed to Mark’s rehearsal dinner at a local Texas winery called Times Ten Cellars.


We sampled some great wines in the barrel room and our hosts brought in Middle Eastern food from one of their favorite places.

It was fun chatting with other guests, but the best part was afterwards, when Sean, Mark and Raney (the bride to be), and I went to Fuel City Tacos for a late night taco run at midnight.

We went to the outdoor taco stand next to a gas station, where they savory street tacos, mexican mineral waters (we’d had too much wine already at this point, and spicy elotes.

This was a great first night in Dallas and we didn’t get home until 2:00 am!

More to come on our Dallas trip, including a visit to a very popular local bbq joint, our walk around downtown, and the wedding of course!





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