Gigantic Eyeballs and BBQ in Dallas







These are a few scenes from our morning in downtown Dallas. 

The gigantic eyeball is a public art sculpture in the middle of downtown nestled between two tall buildings.

It was so strange to come upon a huge eyeball, but who are we to question?

For lunch, we decided to brave the line at Pecan Lodge, deemed by some meat authorities to be “second best BBQ in the country.”

We got there about 10 minutes after 11:00 when they opened, and the line already stretched around the block.

We’d heard the line could take a long time, but we didn’t mind.

We’d had a huge breakfast that morning (hello, huevos rancheros) so we were in no rush.

Here we are waiting for 30 minutes. Thankfully, there were two of us, so one could go down the street and buy water for the wait.


Here were are waiting for 1 hour. Still in good spirits… by the way, the smell outside this restaurant was fantastic!

And who doesn’t like listening to Jimmy Buffet?


Finally inside… but still waiting after 1 hour and 30 minutes. Okay, we’re starting to get punchy now… banana pudding or not?

That is the big question about now.


From the line, we watched a woman eat her banana pudding and she did not seem impressed.

Decided to forgo that.

Here we are outside on the patio. You guys! We  just placed our order… but we’re still waiting.


Finally after a 10 more minutes. Barbeque heaven.


Okay, you’re probably wondering- Was it worth it?

Well, they goofed up the order and gave a pork rib instead of the pulled pork, but it was a happy accident because it tasted great.

The brisket, which is their signature meat tasted great, but it was a tad on the dry side.

I hate to admit that after waiting all that time for it, but it was.

In the end, we waited over 2 hours for this bbq.

While I do admit it was tasty, I’m not convinced it was worth standing in line in the hot sun on a Saturday for over 2 hours.

Instead, I recommend going in with a group of friends for the “Trough”. It costs about $70 but you get to stand in the to-go line which goes muuuuuch faster, and then take it to a picnic area or something.

How long have you ever waited for food at a popular place?


3 thoughts on “Gigantic Eyeballs and BBQ in Dallas

  1. Ma

    We live in Deep Ellum and still haven’t gone. I have no patience. Next time try Smokey John’s over by Love Field. The staff will treat you family.

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