Weekend in Shenandoah National Park

looking up Last weekend, Sean and I escaped the heat and hustle bustle of DC for the cool mountains of Shenandoah. We left Friday afternoon in the middle of rush hour, which definitely did NOT help reduce our workweek stress. But as soon as we pulled up to our cozy dog friendly Lewis Cabin and I breathed the fresh mountain air, I felt the stress just melt away. IMG_1847 sean flower maryquin boot The temperature was in the 60s, the scenery was so calm, and we got almost NO phone reception. It was heavenly to be so disconnected. And after an entire weekend of that kind of simplicity and quiet, we resolved to consciously unplug from our tvs, phones, and computers at home more often. The first night, we got there rather late, so we cooked dinner and took Quinn for a walk around the site. It was so nice to wander and chat with other campers, smell the fires burning, and observe big families eating dinner and enjoying the outdoors. As soon as we got back to the cabin, though it started to sprinkle. Then it started to downpour. So much that our clothes got soaked trying to get in our cabin. And so hard that it drowned out the screaming baby in the cabin next to us (a wonderful benefit) rain We weren’t disappointed by the rain, though. I love the rain and it was the perfect excuse to have an early night. The next morning, everything was hazy and dreamy. we made bacon, eggs,and flatbread, and then headed out for a morning walk. eggs breakfast seanquin IMG_1862 dinner path IMG_1869 Everything was so lush and green. There wasn’t much visibility at times, but the atmosphere was so gentle. Later that evening, we made dinner again. This time, it was chicken fajitas on the grill! That night, we were able to toast a few marshmallows on the fire until it started to rain again! Another perfect excuse to hit the hay early. Driving home, I felt so calm and peaceful that I have tried to bring that feeling back into my workweek. How do you bring the peace into your workweek when you start feeling stressed? 


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