June Look Back

Can you believe another month has come and gone?

How was YOUR June? Mine was a mixed bag.

There were lots of highs and a few lows, but let’s only focus on the highs, shall we?

The month started off well with lots of early morning walks with Quinn. We usually got out of the house by 7:00 am when the air was still fresh and smelled like honeysuckle!

By the end of the month, even the mornings were stifling hot and humid.

The second week of June, Sean’s twin brother Michael and family came for a visit for a few days. We played games, took the dog for a walk, ate lots of food, and even spent one day at the Barrel Oak winery with them.

Which one is Sean and which one is Michael? Can you guess?




After the family left, we headed to Dallas for Mark’s wedding and as I already described here, we ate a ton of food and gained about 10 pounds.

Here’s Sean with his college buddies at the wedding.


The next weekend, we drove to Shenandoah, where we spent a heavenly relaxing time at a cabin in Shenandoah. Here’s Quinn enjoying the drive!

quin window

The last weekend in June was packed with fun stuff planned and it flew by.

We went to a cultural performance and show at the Thai embassy (more to come on this!), where Sean ran into one of his friends from about 10 years ago.

That’s so common for him in this area. We can go to any random gas station in the 100 mile vicinity and meet someone he knows (or someone who thinks he’s his twin brother, Michael)

Here I am below with the butterfly dancer men…


Another highlight was seeing the Lion King at the Kennedy Center. In all these years, I’ve never seen it except for the movie version.

Let me tell you, the musical is really something special, and Sean splurged for orchestra seats!


We did another picnic with a friend from my work at our favorite winery, and this time got the sangria. So refreshing in the summer time!


Near the end of the month, Quinn was a bad boy on one of his walks and got so dirty. The punishment? The dreaded bath ofcourse.

Look at his face… he thinks he’s being tortured.


Goodbye June, and hello July!

We’re taking a little breather in July and sticking around home more.

I’m expecting to do lots of grilling on the green egg and soak up the summer before it disappears again!



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