DC Burger Bash


How do you feel about burgers? 

How do you feel about sampling 10 burgers within a few hours of a single afternoon? Would you be up for it?

Sean and I are burgers fans, so we were excited to attend the DC Burger Bash last weekend.

This event was a competition (a la Top Chef style) in which burger-lovers (like us) mill around and taste 10 mini creations from participating restaurants. At the end, we each voted for our favorite, and a winner was chosen.




So, here’s how the afternoon went down… Walking up to the venue about a block away, we could smell what awaited us. The scent of sizzling charred meat wafted out onto the streets. This was pretty exciting because it was mixture of all different kinds of burgers cooked in different ways.

Once inside, we saw 10 tents with white smoke hovering above them, and it was overwhelming to know where to start. Some burgers were pure beef, others a mixture of lamb, pork, and beef, and even one was just goat meat. Some were cooked over charcoal, others over gas flames.


At the beginning of the afternoon, Sean proudly announced, “I’m eating them all!”

But we soon realized that pacing ourselves would be important to keep going.

We came up with a plan: we’d share 3 burgers and a beer, then take a break. After a while, we’d get another 3 and another beer, and so on. Honestly guys, I started feeling full after the first 3.





In hindsight, we should’ve been more strategic about our burger eating. We could’ve taken off the top bun and saved room in our stomach that way, or just eaten the meat with a fork as we saw many people doing. (A little recommendation if you find yourself at a burger bash in the near future)

Here we are 6 down and 4 more to go. There was no seating, so we resorted to the concrete. Our stomachs thanked us.





Here’s Sean after 8 burgers. By this point, I had pretty much stopped eating. Maybe a tiny nibble of each, then no more.




Not being one to give up, Sean made a valiant effort to complete the burger tasting in full, but after a bite of the last two, Sean gravely announced, “Can’t eat that!”

He was done.

In the end, my favorite burger was beef, havarti, and pickled onions from  Willow.  This was also the overall winner of the event. Sean’s favorite was the burger with the andouille sausage on top.


So, what did we learn about ourselves at this burger bash?

While many of the burgers were tasty and creative and original, I learned that I am a burger traditionalist.

I like them simple, like something you’d have in your own backyard.

What about you? Do you like traditional or innovative burgers? Share in the comments!


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