DC Local: Willow Restaurant


Dining al fresco at Willow


Lobster Pot Pie and Ravioli appetizer


Seared tuna with garlic chard


Here is a close-up of the Saint Andre cheese and wild mushroom tart that came with the tuna


Pork Chop wrapped in pork belly


The freshest German dark chocolate cake …

This past weekend, we finally visited the restaurant Willow in Arlington, VA.

I had been wanting to try this place out ever since it came on our radar at the DC Burger Bash, which I wrote about here.

Willow won the best burger award overall, and I also voted for it as my favorite that day.

Anyway, we were excited to eat at the restaurant, but many of the online reviews were slightly negative.

In the end, though, were not disappointed at all.

This was a really satisfying meal on every level and I’m kind of obsessed with this place now.

How do you feel about reading online restaurant reviews? Do you put much stock in what you read or prefer to take a chance on your own?


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