Dinner at Colicchio and Sons


The highlight of our short trip to NYC was our seasonal tasting dinner at Colicchio and Sons.

Fans of Top Chef, we were excited to see if the meal at a Tom Colicchio restaurant would live up to his perfectionist persona on the tv show.


In fact, it exceeded our expectations completely.



First off, the restaurant itself is gorgeous and minimalist in neutral shades of gray and brown.

The aesthetic is masculine if not for all the lovely floral arrangements and a towering wall of flowers in a line in the middle of the restaurant.



Instead of ordering our meal off the menu a la carte, we opted for the 7 course tasting menu.

We wanted to be surprised by each course and try out some dishes we wouldn’t normally order on our own.

So, that’s what we did and our 2 hour food adventure began.

I don’t think I can convey how lovely this meal was… course after course of beautiful plated and delicious food including oysters, sea urchin, caviar, prawns, scallops, lobster, duck, lamb, a special cheese fondue course with mustard ice cream, and lavender donuts.

I’ll just let the pictures show it all.





lobster duck lamb cheese donut

My favorite course was the beautiful plate of cucumbers followed at a close second by the little pot of cheese fondue.

Sean raved about the duck wrapped in pancetta.

Until we meet again, Colicchio and Sons!




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