September Look Back


Goodbye September!

It was a good month even though it flew by…

The first of the month, we had a heat wave with temperatures in the 90s.

We found refuge in milkshakes and burgers one weekend from Good Stuff Eatery in DC.


It looks like a bumble bee or some kind of insect larvae fell in my milkshake, but that’s a toasted marshmallow!

That shake was so over the top sweet and good.

To get our culture fix, we finally made it to New York City, where it was also really really hot.

We tried to find refuge in Central Park, but there was nowhere to escape that sun! Even the shade was ghastly hot!

central park

That night, we didn’t care though because we saw the highly entertaining Book of Mormon and ate a lovely meal at Colicchio and Sons.

We’re on an eating out moratorium now after this meal, but that’s okay because I’m still thinking about the beautiful cucumber plate!


Of course, our life continued to be dictated by our doggie in September, so there were lots of after work walks and outings with Quinn. Thankfully, Northern Va and Washington DC is so dog-friendly.



To soak up the end of summer, we made a road trip to St Michael’s Maryland, where we spent way too much on food at a tourist crab restaurant ($40 for basically two crab puff thingys and some fries)

But we had fun at the dog beach outside of Annapolis.


In the food adventure domain of my life, I hosted the “Middle Eastern” theme dinner for my potluck group.

I made an arabic chocolate cake that was rather disappointing, but the rest of the food was good.


The last Saturday in September, we headed into DC to take a walk around the Tidal Basin at night. It was such a perfect night, and I felt truly happy and fortunate to be living in such a lovely place.


We rounded out the month with a long-anticipated row Sunday morning boat ride on the lake near our house. All month long we’ve tried to make this boat trip happen, but always missed it somehow.


It was so cool and peaceful out there with the sound of birds and the smell of fires from a nearby campground. This was truly one of my favorite experiences of the month.

I really hope we can do it again this fall.

Finally, the temperatures started to drop at night in September, and now both the cat who has ignored us all summer AND the dog are sleeping with us in the bed at night!


Here’s to October. Bring on those pumpkins and mums!


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