Del Rey Art on the Avenue


Every year we look forward to going to the Art on the Avenue street festival in Del Ray.

I went on a lark 4 years ago by myself for a scammy writing gig that I NEVER got paid for, but I’ve been hooked on the festival ever since.

It’s usually held at the beginning of October, and there’s always a pie baking contest, artisans from around the region, kettle corn and cider donuts, and fun people watching.

Last year, we admired a local artist who features animals in his prints and we fell for one picture in particular with black cats AND black labs. The print said, “Black animals are the chocolate chips of life” and there were all these tiny black labs and cats getting poured into a mixing bowl of cookie batter. For some unknown reason, though, we didn’t buy it last year and lived with regret ever since.

We were so excited to find that artist and buy that picture, but sadly, he did NOT have a stall this year!


I guess it just wasn’t meant to be…

Anyway, we still had a nice time strolling up and down the avenue and basking in all the autumn colors.

We discovered an outdoor Biergarden, which we have resolved to try out one of these evenings.

Also, we finally ate at Holy Cow Burger. The line is usually out of the door, and this day was no exception, but we were set on it.


We got the jalapeno popper burger, which had a layer of cream cheese, spicy ketchup, and a fried jalapeno on it. We’re totally recreating this one at home!


One of the things I love about Del Rey is that it’s kind of funky, like this bike shop that has a skeleton riding a bike on its roof.


Del Rey is also very doggie friendly as there are many restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating. We didn’t take Quinn along this time because crowds freak him out a little bit.

But that’s okay, because I got kind of obsessed with these little guys. I imagine that’s what Quinn must have looked like as a tiny puppy.




I had planned to enter the pie baking contest this year, but flaked out completely. I still had to go check out what would have been my competition. I had planned to make an apple pie, and of course there was no shortage of apple pies.


I was especially interested in this one because of the name “Orange is the new apple” since I like the show so much.



Overall, it was a great day again in Del Rey.

Until next year, Art on the Avenue!


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