Rainy Day in Middleburg



“Brilliant! I don’t know what’s more beautiful… the man or the dog!”

As I was taking this photograph of Sean and Quinn, an older eccentric woman walked by and said this to us. We didn’t quite know how to take it.

The woman reminded me of a crazy lady I saw once in Texas who brought her dog inside a grocery store. She looked very glamourous from the back wearing a full-length fur coat. But from the front, her face was completely smeared with lipstick. The store manager kept trying to get her and the dog out of the store, but she just kept saying, “I don’t know what the problem is… he just wants to run everywhere.”

Coincidentally, the woman we saw in Middleburg on this day was also wearing a fur vest, but the lipstick was perfectly within the normal bounds on her face. I think she was giving us a compliment.

It would make sense that a resident of Middleburg would appreciate a handsome dog. This little town is the heart of Virginia Hunt Country, and lots of things here revolve around the hounds. During the annual Christmas parade, the hounds walk down the street in a straight line as people cheer them on. ( an event I can’t wrap my head around since I can’t ever imagine Quinn being so well-behaved)


We visited Middleburg one rainy day last week after I saw the video of the hounds in the Christmas parade.

This small town has one main street filled with boutiques, taverns, and a butcher that sells bacon maple donuts. Of course, it was pretty this time of year with all the colors of changing leaves. The town is very doggie friendly as well and several of the cafes (Coffee Grounds and Red Fox Inn) have outdoor patios where you can sit with your furry friend. Unfortunately, it was rainy while we were there, so we didn’t stop anywhere for a drink or bite.   

m5 s2




To get to Middleburg from the DC area, head first to historic Leesburg. Then go south on highway 15 and west on Highway 50. We went a bit too far on the 15 and ended up taking some pretty back country scenic roads. If that happens to you, don’t worry. You’ll see all kinds of pretty old stone fences in the Virginia countryside.  




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