Museum Day



One of the best things about living in the Washington DC area is the Smithsonian Complex. The museums are completely free and there are constantly changing world-class exhibits.

While we’ve visited several museums since we’ve lived here including the Museum of Natural History, the Hirschhorn, and the Jewish Holocaust museum, we’ve never been to the National Gallery of Art. So, last Sunday, we headed into DC and spent a few hours wandering the halls.

sean wolf atrium

This room above is the garden atrium. There were some comfy chairs around the perimeter where you could sit and relax.We sat and dozed for a little while…

thinker collage embrace museum

On this day, there were some really great works of art by Degas, Rodin, Jackson Pollock, and so many more. Honestly, there was so much to see that we didn’t know where to start. I always feel this way in art museums… I’d love to take an art history class and then go with a plan. How do you enjoy museums? Do you do any research in advance or just wander towards what strikes you?



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