Halloween Bash



This year, we threw a Halloween Bash with our neighbors and some friends. It was great fun planning and we were happy that ALL attendees wore actual costumes (not the lame  “let me put on a white jacket and be a doctor” costume).

Not wanting to go out and buy expensive costumes. we tried to get resourceful with what we already had for a theme “family” costume. We originally put a Hawaiian shirt on Quinn, but that was a no-go, so we settled on the rash guard and Hawaiian lei. Quinn looked very handsome and he did great the whole night, but you can see from his face that he wasn’t that excited about it. (I think Sean looks like Andy Warhol; on a side note, several people told me I should grow my hair long like this…)






Early in October, we saw this glass skull decanter at Pottery Barn, but we weren’t about to pay the price they were asking for it. Instead, Sean ordered it all the way from China and it arrived in a hilarious box with Chinese proverbs all over it and an endorsement from Dan Akroyd.


I posed for our crime scene body outline in the entrance of our house. This picture makes me laugh because Quinn has such a guilty look on his face as if he is the one responsible for what happened to me….





Most of our ideas we got from Pinterest. There are truly so many creative people out there. Our favorite idea of all was this Zombie body that you “eat” from. I can’t wait to plan Quinn’s costume for next year! As I’m sitting here writing and scarfing down all our leftover Halloween candy, I’m feeling inspired by the theme of “Square Dance Family.”



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