October Look Back



October passed by in a blur of afternoon walks with Quinn and new television shows of the season. It was one of the fastest months this year- probably because we were both so busy at work.

As for my job at the university, we’re heading into week 10 of the semester, and it feels like mile 20 of a marathon. We’re nearing the end, but the last bit is the toughest.

The month started with some fun events. We attended the Noche Ibero-America party at the Mexican Cultural Institute in DC, the Del Rey street festival, and the Mt Vernon wine festival all at the beginning of October. These three things were so fun that we’re already planning them to be regular events each fall. m5

Next year, I swear I’m going to enter the pie baking contest. I’ve said it here. You have to hold me to it, Internet.

This month, our life also revolved around our dog as always, so we had our share of walks with Quinn amid all the beautiful fall colors. I’m sad that the leaves are falling off the trees now, but I’m sort of excited about the prospect of snow soon. (Am I really saying this?)


IMG_2823 IMG_0663 IMG_0738

One exciting development of October was that our self-imposed eating out moratorium lifted this month, and we ate some really good food, including belgium food at Cock and Bowl, crepes at Clifton Cafe, a porterhouse for two at Monty’s Steakhouse, and a BBQ extravaganza at Hill Country BBQ.

Look at Sean’s face… he’s giddy surrounded by all this bbq.We had a Travelzoo coupon to this place and to our delight, they ran out of beef ribs. To compensate, they doubled our brisket. Sean = Happy.


With all the new shows of the season, we watched A LOT of television in October. These are our reviews of new and returning shows so far:

Manhattan Love Story – awful

Selfie – also awful, but I respect that it’s based on the classic stories of My Fair Lady and Pygmalian

Homeland new season – awesome, but Carrie is so crazy  

Revenge new season – awful, but I just can’t stop watching this one. Must see it through to the end

The Mindy Project – still funny, but not as funny as last season

New Girl- funnier than last season

Top Chef Seattle – awesome, especially since we visited Tom Colicchio’s restaurant in NYC and can attest that he’s the real deal. If his food sucked, we would’ve lost respect for the show


We also watched a few movies. Here are our reviews:

Gone Girl – awful… wish I had stayed home and taken a nap instead

Neighbors on Netflix – awesome! This movie was so hilarious and because I work with college students, I found it especially good


Finally, amid all the tv  and movie watching, eating out, and walking Quinn, we participated in some fun Halloween events with our neighbors, namely a pumpkin carving party and a Halloween bash.

IMG_2899 IMG_0921

Here’s to the start of November… and yes, it is mitten weather already!




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