Flashback Friday: Iwakuni and Miyajima Food



This post is a flashback to a weekend we spent in Iwakuni and Miyajima Island on mainland Japan. You can see part 1 here. This trip happened during the fall and we had so many food adventures there…

This historic looking building above is the restaurant we ate at in Iwakuni. Doesn’t it look perfectly cozy for a crisp evening? We don’t actually know what the true name of it is. Everyone we know simply refers to it as the Chicken Shack… you’ll find out soon why.


The back patio is lit with the most beautiful lights against the changing foliage


Those are electric blankets lining the tables… so comfy to rest your lower half under them while you are enjoying your meal outdoors.

Here’s a sampling of what we ordered…


The most delicious grilled chicken teriyaki




Deep fried battered beef filet


We figured we needed at least one vegetable so we ordered mushroom and tofu hot pot

But wait, we’re not finished yet…


Soba noodle bowl

But our Iwakuni eating was not all of our indulgence… Take a look at some of our good eats on Miyajima Island.


This signature cookie of Miyajima is made almost everywhere on this tiny island and the wonderful aroma of baking cookies hits you from every angle as you walk down the street. You can even watch the whole process through glass windows similar to the assembly line at Krispy Kreme. They are served warm and taste somewhat like waffles with different fillings such as azuki bean, custard cream, green tea cream, and chocolate. Can you guess which flavor we tried?


Need you really wonder?


Oyster man on the street


Bacon wrapped cheese fish cake

My new food love were these steamed buns filled with savory Hiroshima beef






Anybody hungry, yet?

Looking back on our experience in Iwakuni and Miyajima Island, I’m so thankful we got to spend the weekend there and try all those delicious foods. This was one of those special times that make travel so fun… and it’s fun to reminisce about too.



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