A Night in Estonia




Our latest adventure in one of the foreign embassies in Washington DC was a visit to the Estonian Embassy. You can read about our French and Mexican embassy experiences here and here.

Truthfully, I don’t know much about Estonia. I do have a student from Estonia this semester. She’s tall, beautiful, and very smart, and I was immediately interested when I heard about this event.

Plus, I’ve never had Estonian cuisine before, so of course we had to go!

food3 food2

salad m1 s1

In addition to lovely food (the potato gratin with mushrooms- yum!), there were all these people from the Texas Society there for some reason. Everywhere we turned, someone had a longhorn pin or a Texas A&M ring (Sean can spot them from a mile away).

We ended up meeting some interesting people, including a really wacky entertaining couple. There was about a 40 year age difference between them… and they were the kind of people you know for exactly five minutes and somehow they tell you their entire life history (how they met, all the jobs they’ve ever had, their baby born through surrogacy. I’ve always admired people who can speak in perfect sound bites that way.

All in all, this was another really fun night, and it’s great to meet different people from DC and around the world at these events.



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